Monday, 17 January 2011

Post meeting

Following the meeting, thought we'd write up what we definitely have (i think)

Written articles really need to be in for the end of this week. (please) Friday 21st
Visual content, get it to us as soon as possible, we realise this is totally dependent on the written material, and us getting our fingers out but hopefully if we have that completely in by the 28th. (sorry these deadlines are so close)

-numerous How to's. Would be great for soup day promotion to get some of these in.
- showcase pieces. Spread the word!
- Write your own article blank pages. Excellent idea
- Jonathan Horowitz review.
- A possible Generator launch night review.
- Hyperinteractivity

We already have

- How to's
- Poetry
- DIY film review.
- Horoscopes
- dissemination of artistic process (name in the post)

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