Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New and shiny blog

Our new and shiny website and blog is up and running! keep up to date with all our chatter, news, downloads, photos etc at Satellitezine!

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011


'space/placement, of people, their 'spaces', space in general. I think to have it quite open would be good, as the last one was quite a direct topic.

It also coincides with the vague concepts of the 'reopening' of the artists book collections that the exhibitions department have going on. And the ads for new artists spaces in dundee that are up on central station.

In terms of aesthetic, utilisation of space on the paper..fold outs etc.' - from our wee chat on facebook.

Space; http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/space
Placement; http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/placement

Physical space, mental spaces, the flux in these. Spaces that mean something to you, spaces that you want to be at different times. And the placement within these spaces, why you want to be there, why it's a good idea to utilize certain spaces. Look into spaces that are being used for quirky things. Spaces that look like something but mean something else. Spaces that are hidden away. etc.

Take it in anyway that you want! Use the pages as your creative spaces, that's the whole point in Satellite, right?

And i know i've said that to keep it a little vague and open, but what has the response been from the architect students? Have many of them gotten involved? They could come in with a very direct insight into what 'space and placement' means for them, in their projects and their work?

And does there tend to be a better response for people submitting text or image? Maybe we could try and encourage people to submit both; ie. if they submit some imagery, ask them to write a few lines about the work. Or if they want to submit some text, ask them to work with someone for some illustrations? I suppose when it's text without imagery, we can just piece it together with other work that seems suitable.

In terms of aesthetics, thats what i feel the attachments emphasize  the most. Sticking with my proposed theme, the utilization of the space on the paper. Maybe have pages that can be turned into something else with a few folds. Maybe a wee look at some simple oragami?  Have fold outs etc. This might be a bit trickier, but a challenge can be good, right? Haha, spot the newb! :)

These are a few of the things that i mentioned to you over Facebook, that might be cool to write up about in the issue;

With the attached images, i thought they were quite good at showing how to utilize the space on the page in 'fun' ways,  just by the outcome of a few folds being entirely unrelated to the text on the page. And also, just getting more out of the page than just a flat surface. Sort of bringing the pages to life. Cheesy, but true. You cant go wrong with a paper hat!

Okay, i know i said i'd try and make it more presentable and slightly more logical, and you have ended up being sent this shabockal, but you know me..it's about as logical as it will get. 

Friday, 1 April 2011


drip drip drop little april shower. We are being showered in awesome now that BECCA CLARK has stepped into the APril editorial post, after satellites minor step back, due to our previous editor having to step down due to previous work commitments. a sad made into a happy!!!

Thursday, 24 March 2011


They have us talking and questioning. These three intriguing performers are together again for another exciting night on Sat 26th. Where? we don't know. Keeping everything under tight wraps, the suspense is increasing as the couter is decreasing. After Satellite attended their last sensational night in the Tayside Recycling Centre, Al Whyte, Joss Allen and Stewart Brown have us on the edge of our seats and looking forward to the big night!

photos: Ruth Aitken
http://lanzine.com/ Check these guys out, pretty cool.

Monday, 17 January 2011

The email from Collective Gallery

Creative Publishing Discussion

Sunday 30 January, 2-4pm

Collective is holding an informal discussion around self publishing and new
writing. NWSP artist Nicolas Party will discuss his new book work and NWSP
writers Norman Hogg and Laura Edbrook present their ongoing writing project
Bad Romance as well as invited contributors from the worlds of publishing,
writing and online dialogues.

On the day we would like to have examples of creative publishing on display
and are writing to enquire if you would like to contribute an already
existing piece of work for this purpose (a newspaper/magazine/informative
pamphlet/artist book or any creative publishing). We'd be delighted if you
could provide us with a few copies of Satellite to have on display.

Thought this was quite cool, really positive for the zine, but also the pressures on! 


20th We will be somewhere in the college handing out soup, some how to advice, and looking for submissions to our showcase for our February issue!

Come find us, should be fun!

The kids at satellite

Post meeting

Following the meeting, thought we'd write up what we definitely have (i think)

Written articles really need to be in for the end of this week. (please) Friday 21st
Visual content, get it to us as soon as possible, we realise this is totally dependent on the written material, and us getting our fingers out but hopefully if we have that completely in by the 28th. (sorry these deadlines are so close)

-numerous How to's. Would be great for soup day promotion to get some of these in.
- showcase pieces. Spread the word!
- Write your own article blank pages. Excellent idea
- Jonathan Horowitz review.
- A possible Generator launch night review.
- Hyperinteractivity

We already have

- How to's
- Poetry
- DIY film review.
- Horoscopes
- dissemination of artistic process (name in the post)