Friday, 17 December 2010


Ideas - Colour in/ DIY/ How to/ Frugalism

Discovery radio
Art school student union?
Any how to sections, can be informative or satirical or both ie how to make a zine, how to stay happy etc
An article which covers more of dundee's art, culture, history.
low fi DIY history within art.
jonathon horowitz ex?
Any sections involving not a simple review but possibly a debate or drawing attention to things people may not have known about?

Agony aunt


Events - People to review (so logically people who will generally be in and around the dundee area and have their ear to the ground)
           -   People to organise events  (The launch night, and potentially a couple of other things.)

Layout   -  Anyone who is interested in helping with the layout and aesthetic this time around,we'd                            love to hear from you

Web Designers   -  Anyone who has a basic understanding of flash and web design/ or would even          like to learn and help out

Graphics/ Illustration/ Design -  people interested in the aesthetic and pictorial content, and drawing for articles. 


10th January -  We need all written content before or by this date. No extensions can be given

18th jan - Pictorial content at the very latest by this date. Preferably before though

20th Jan - Showcase art needs to be received by this time. 

25th Jan  - Zine finished and ready to print

3rd February - Launch

Issue 2 Colour in/DIY

Aesthetic and inspiration...were looking to this sort of thing,

 Also Looking to frugality and the tie in there with DIY culture, and found stuff.


There is now a basic site up and running, you can download the pdf at

THe rest of the site will hopefully be up soonish!


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Next Issue

We're gearing up for our second issue to be launched on the 3rd of february! If you'd like to be involved
come to the meeting on the 17th Dec at 1pm in the pits level 5
well just be working out whatever ones interested in for this issue, whats happening across the winter months and what could have gone better in the previous issue.


Monday, 6 December 2010

Best night of the month

Satellite will be debuting on thursday 9th December (a bit later than thought), come along for a great night and a free magazine! If any of the showcase contributor on the night, drop us a line, and we can give you better coverage. Also if anyone knows anyone who would like to do a set, or play some music again just drop us a line, it would be massively appreciated! 

Thursday BYOB will be good! see you there! 
Satellite kids