Friday, 17 December 2010


Events - People to review (so logically people who will generally be in and around the dundee area and have their ear to the ground)
           -   People to organise events  (The launch night, and potentially a couple of other things.)

Layout   -  Anyone who is interested in helping with the layout and aesthetic this time around,we'd                            love to hear from you

Web Designers   -  Anyone who has a basic understanding of flash and web design/ or would even          like to learn and help out

Graphics/ Illustration/ Design -  people interested in the aesthetic and pictorial content, and drawing for articles. 


10th January -  We need all written content before or by this date. No extensions can be given

18th jan - Pictorial content at the very latest by this date. Preferably before though

20th Jan - Showcase art needs to be received by this time. 

25th Jan  - Zine finished and ready to print

3rd February - Launch

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